Plan Ahead to Vote in November



Here are some of the factors that will make it important to plan ahead about how and when to cast your vote:


  • There will be more races on your ballot.  In addition to the usual federal, state, and county races that appear on a General Election ballot, there will be a number of local races that were postponed from May due to the pandemic.


  • There is no straight-party voting option.  A new state law eliminates the option to vote a straight-party ticket.  Voters will have to mark every race on the ballot rather than “pulling a single lever,” which will increase voting time.


  • More people will be voting.  Since 2016, the number of registered voters in Collin County increased by 15% and in Dallas County by 5.3%.  Experts expect higher participation and longer lines at the polls.


  • There may be fewer polling places open.  Many poll workers and elections judges are not signing up to work due to the possible health risks.


  • Added precautions may result in longer lines.  New protocols are in place to sanitize and maintain social distance, which will increase the voting time.


Here are some suggestions on how to plan ahead to deal with potential frustrations:​

  • Make sure you’re registered to vote.  Our Registering to Vote page has all the information you need to find out if you’re eligible to vote, if you’re already registered, and how to register if you’re not. The deadline to register to vote in the November 3rd election is October 5, 2020.

  • Find out what races will be on your ballot and decide how you will vote on those races. The League of Women Voters of Richardson will post information about this election, including links to candidate forums and Voters Guides, as it becomes available. Check back here over the coming weeks to learn more.

  • If you are eligible to do so, send in an application to VOTE BY MAIL.  Our Voting by Mail page has the information you need to decide whether you are eligible to vote by mail in Texas.  It also has a link to a printable application form that you can mail in.  The deadline to request an Application for a Ballot by Mail (ABBM) is October 23rd.  That is the date on which the ABBM must be received by election officials.

  • If you vote in person, VOTE EARLY. 

    • Experts warn that all of the factors listed above may result in very long lines at polling places on Election Day.  The best way to avoid these lines, if you are not eligible to vote by mail, is to vote early. 

    • All Texas voters may vote early in person.  Early Voting for the November election will begin October 13 and run through October 30.  We will post links to Early Voting locations and hours as they become available.

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